Go with the Flow

I have decided to set up a separate page for my new "Go with the Flow" series. Go with the Flow... energy paintings.. or energy portraits, mandalas, there are many ways they could be described. When I started on my art journey, many many moons ago, I only painted energy portraits, personalized ones for people, but also for special rooms and buildings, i.e. meditation rooms, rooms in yoga centers, meeting rooms and more. Then, for many years I stopped creating these energy portraits... my life had changed, had become hectic and sort of restless.. the wrong mindset and energy to create these special paintings. Now things have calmed down again and I feel it is time to start again. So here will be a collection of my energy portraits. If you wish to purchase one shown here, or if you would like a personalized one for yourself, a loved one.. a special occasion or location, please contact me for more info. 

N.B. these particular paintings will not have a specific title. they are just called.. go with the flow.. and numbered. 

Go with the Flow 1