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mimulux patricia no

born somewhere in the world in 1952 i grew  up in switzerland and south africa. after finishing school in SA in returned back to switzerland where i met my first husband and together we moved to Malaysia. He was Malaysian, having an Indian (Punjabi) dad and a Chinese Mum. We lived in Malaysia for several years but then returned to switzerland, as our first born had to start school.

i have travelled around the world a lot... malaysia, netherlands, germany, hungary all in all in spent more than 30 years abroad. 

i have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons. 

i always loved art.. as a child i was happiest if i had some crayons, pencils and paper  ... this love stayed with me and i actually was planning on attending the zurich art academy, alas, my parents saw things i a bit differently. i was told to learn something "proper"... so i became a secretary and art... well... was forgotten.

then i had a bad car accident and was disabled for 2 years.. i got depressed due to that and started a therapy... i was encouraged by my therapist to re-start with my art, and i did. i painted mandalas mostly, but also loved photography and... digital art. i became quite well known as mandala painter but then, my first husband and i got divorced and i moved on to germany. nobody knew me there so i started from point A again. this time i was more into digital art... until i met my wonderful friend and moonsister Pat... she is an art teacher and she told me to just start painting again. she encouraged me... and told me that art you cannot really learn. what you learn in art school is mainly technique, but the feeling for colours and shapes and light and shadow.. either you have that or you don't.. and i def had it. well i believed her... and started creating, using all sorts of different media. 

in the meantime i have become a mixed media artist... mostly. some of my art is also with one media only, but i love to mix different media, also to add various papers to create true mixed media art with collage elements.

i am a intuitive artist... i.e. i never know what i will paint. i sit down in front of an empty canvas, paper, canvas board or whatever, and start to paint.. following my intuition, letting my muse take over, going with the flow. one subject that keeps on showing up in my art are fish. fish in all different situations.. mostly funny, at first glance, but there usually is a story behing the whole painting... but i leave it up to you, the viewer to find your own story in the painting.

i was diagnosed with breast-cancer in 2016, which made me return to switzerland, my homecountry, the country where also my children are living. i had my therapies and the cancer disappeared, only to return in 2020. it has spread to my bones which is very painful... and i am on palliative care now. but art still plays a very important part in my life. i am full of ideas and sometimes i can finish 2 paintings in one day. on the other hand, i can also work for days on oney mixed-media painting. i am an outgoing and happy person. i live TODAY.. not yesterday, and not tomorrow, and i thank God for the possibility to always find something positive in every situation. 

i hope you will enjoy my art.. smile at my blue donkeys, my very many fish, the mythical and funny creatures i create, the houses, forrests and trees.

on a different note there are a few things i need to tell you:

depending on your browser and/or monitor you use, the colours you see may slightly vary from what i actually have originally. i am sorry about this but it cannot be changed. my colours are usually very bright and strong. also i mostly remove the wooden frame from canvas paintings. i will roll them up and post them in a tube.. only mixed media art can be an exception as it depends on what materials i use, i.e. papers, textile additions etc.

having said all this, i really hope you will enjoy my art and also find something that you might want to put up in your own home, or give as a gift to family and/or friends.

best greetings from switzerland

patricia aka mimulux

my art is currently in private collections in:
USA, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Germany