About me

i grew up in switzerland and south africa. later i returned to europe but soon moved on to south-east asia. i spent several years there and then returned to europe - where i also lived in various countries. recently i have lived in hungary for several years but for medical reasons i have been in switzerland on and off, well in 2017 that was still the case. now i am back permanently in my home country, switzerland. 
art has always played a great role in my life and i assume my travels and stays abroad have had a large influence on me and my art. i love to do traditional art, collages and mixed media mostly.. but also photography and digital art..

my style? wild, colourful, energetic... i embrace the term.. outsider artist... i don't go for beautiful, i go for raw, direct, honest, from the gut. i don't plan my art, i let my art develop as i work on it. i go with the flow, i listen to my intuition, my heart, then it works for me. my favourite quote is by marc chagall: "if i create from the heart nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing." that says it all, that describes what works for me. 


artbymimulux, switzerland 2017